"...Orchestra and soloist revealed this work with pristine clarity (concert of Aranjuez, by Rodrigo), and they enjoyed themselves in intimate conversation. .. at the Adagio, the excellent dialogue between the guitar and the English horn was the reason for a special delight. ..Velasco made an impact with his talent and sharp sensitivity. .. He achieved an ideal projection of the delicate voice of his instrument in an auditorium with the size of the Terrace Theater of Kennedy Center.

Sorab Modi.- Washington Times - Washington, U. S. A.

"...Mr. Velasco is a consummate musician with a warm personality and a projection, suitable for the audience of the recital. .."

Richard Sneider.- Performing Arts Forum - Ames, Iowa,U. S. A.

"...excellent recital by the famous Mexican guitarist Enrique Velasco, an international value. .."

Gustavo A. Berganza.- The Daily Graphic - Guatemala, Guatemala.

"...Velasco is not only the master of an absolute technique, but he is also an expert at different styles, the owner of a fine sensitivity. .."

TASS Agency .- Saint Petersburg, Russia.

"...Enrique Velasco's recitals and participation gave special importance to the events. ..Showing perfect command and mastery. .."

Stanislaw Moryto - Director of the Lodz Popular Music Institute , Poland.

"...guitarist Enrique Velasco has shown, with lively success the quality of his repertoire, his refined interpretative style and the technique of a virtuoso. .."

Magazine of the Mexican Embassy in , Rome, Italy.

"...Velasco's programe was difficult, varied and beautiful, it meant a deep and full mood identification with the audience, which only occurs when the artist has the marvellous gift to transmit his emotions. Velasco possesses that gift..."

Isabel Farfán Cano .- Revista de América - Mexico City, México. Up